Senze EO+ Facial

Senze EO+ Facial

Combat the Skin’s Hidden Enemy, Stress!
The new Senze EO+ Facial is set to help improve adrenal health with the best antidote for stress, Relaxation.

In the digitalized world, the epidemic of chronic stress, whether perceived or real, is causing a myriad of health issues that we may not realize. It’s not only affecting one’s mood and overall health, but it also has detrimental effects on the skin as well. Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also aggravate existing skin problems and make it harder to heal.

Having closely monitored thousands of our loyal customers’ skin throughout the years, the team at the SK-II Boutique Spa recognized that the stress epidemic has also impacted the skin health of our clients. With this in mind, we have developed the Senze EO+ Facial with the aim to tackle the major impact that stress has on the skin & help restore holistic balance to the body, mind, and skin, one facial at a time!

Introducing the Senze EO+ Facial

With the holistic approach to skin care health, we look into not only just skin deep, but overall well-being. The Senze EO+ Facial incorporates the following 4 elements making it a gentle, yet powerful stress-reliever facial:

• The therapeutic properties of essential oils
• The Marguerite Maury’s master technique in aromatherapy practice
• The ancient healing technique of hand reflexology
• The goodness of SK-II

Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils in alternative healings is not new, neither is the use in beauty & skin care treatments. So, what is so different with this Senze EO+ Facial?
• As it is our commitment to using only quality products in the treatments, we have made a conscientious choice to use only CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS.
o All of the oils we use received certificates from 3 different internationally recognized certifying bodies.
o They are pure, natural and free of pesticides, preservatives & artificial chemicals to PROTECT you from health risks in using the oils.
o Recognizing that many clients do not like the oiliness of aromatherapy treatments, we have specifically selected ORGANIC JOJOBA VIRGIN OIL for its’ fast absorbing property. Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural sebum secreted by human skin, as such, it will be absorbed almost fully by the end of the facial leaving oil-free feeling.
• As not all skins are created equal, there are 4 customized essential oil blends tailored for individual skin needs. We have handpicked the premium oils such as ROSE OTTO and CHAMOMILE GERMAN BLUE (which are rarely used commercially due to their premium prices) to be used in these oil blends for their high therapeutic properties. (see Annex). The oil blends available are:

o DE-STRESS (For all skin types)
 This oil blend is most effective for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, while it regulates the production of sebum. It is good for all skin types, but especially for dry, mature, as well as acne and irritated skin. This blend helps to keep skin smooth, supple and youthful as it aids cellular regeneration
o SOOTHE (For sensitive skin)
 Designed to calm and soothe many skin conditions. This oil blend is antiseptic, and an excellent remedy for acne, eczema, sensitive skin, allergies, and rashes. It promotes skin rejuvenation and helps to heal burns.
o ANTI-AGING (For mature skin)
 An excellent remedy for skin care, rejuvenating and revitalizing aging and mature skin as well as banishing wrinkles. Useful for dry skin and those with broken capillaries and even eczema.
o PURIFY (For oily, congested skin)
 This oil blend helps to balance sebum, keeps skin supple, tonifies dull skin detoxifies blocked pores, improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Effective even for acne skin as it is purifying and encouraging the elimination of toxins.

The Marguerite Maury Technique

In the 1950s, an Austrian biochemist named Marguerite Maury pioneered essential oils in spa-like clinics focused on holistic well-being, beauty, and rejuvenation. She developed the early massage techniques with the use of aromatherapy. She found that a massage with essential oils was useful in promoting relaxation, treating skin conditions, and relieving certain types of pain.

The Research & Development team at the SK-II Boutique Spa leverages on this master technique in aromatherapy practices for the Senze EO+ Facial to develop a unique 40-minutes massage that offers greater heighten relaxation, increase circulation and reduce any existing stress. Massage is conducted at key upper body areas including the face, neck, shoulder and even scalp.

Furthermore, through our research, we discovered that many clients were experiencing lymphatic blockages due to stress, which resulted in the skin’s inability to absorb the nutrients, thus leading to less than optimal results from skincare products and treatments. As such, we paid more attention to the lymph node drainage and stimulation to promote better absorption of key ingredients (SK-II and the organic essential oils) – all pertinent in delivering exceptional and therapeutic benefits to the skin and well-being.

The Ancient Healing Technique of Hand Reflexology

Another unique thing about the Senze EO+ Facial is the incorporation of the ancient healing practice of hand reflexology into our massage protocol.

• What is hand reflexology?
o It is a form of effective natural therapy based on the principle that the whole of the body is reflected in the feet, hands, and ears through reflex zones. By pressing and manipulating these reflex points, the corresponding body part receives stimulation, extra blood flow, oxygen, and energy, allowing the body to seek its own balance and continue on with its natural task of self-healing.
• How does it work?
o This works by applying essential oils onto the hand reflex zones that correspond to our body parts or organs. It helps to stimulate the organ functions and bring the body back into balance. It targets various health issues like constipation, muscle pain, shoulder tension, etc.
• Additional benefits
o The hand reflexology helps to enhance one’s well-being during the quintessential facial treatment further.

The Goodness of SK-II

The Senze EO+ Facial includes the main foundation of our facial treatments such as Triple Cleansing steps, Extractions of impurities, Mask with ultrasound, and ends with SK-II product application. The Essential range of SK-II products is used in these steps including SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser, SK-II Treatment Repair C, and SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. Furthermore, it may also include the special range of products such as the RNA and Genoptics ranges as well as specialized masks, depending on the skin needs.

The Senze EO+ Facial is RM 598 for a 105-minute session